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The Harris County Drug Court Foundation provides three key recovery support services that are critical to successful rehabilitation of individuals caught in the vicious cycle of addiction:

Faith and Patricia Safe Transitional Housing and Sober Living

A significant number of participants entering the drug court are homeless, and most come from environments that do not support lasting recovery.  Providing transitional housing followed by sober living allows drug court participants to step down gradually from treatment to reenter the community, increasing their chance of long-term recovery success.

Trauma Therapy and Counseling

By properly addressing the trauma that often leads to a life of addiction, the HCDCF strives to offer opportunities for lasting life change, allowing individuals to reach goals and achieve dreams.  Counseling allows participants to find freedom from past hurts and also facilitates the restoration of relationships damaged or broken by addiction.

Job Skills Training and Educational Scholarships

Given their criminal record, most drug court clients have little or no employment history or have large gaps in their employment due to incarceration.  The HCDCF provides participants with critical job skills training so they may gain employment that supports both their families and their recovery.  Providing college scholarships to worthy STAR graduates allows them to pursue a college degree that would otherwise be out of reach for most former addicts.

In addition to these three primary services, the HCDCF also offers funding for workshops and classes on anger management, parenting, and domestic violence, as well as referrals to mental health services, family counseling, and housing and transportation assistance. 

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