Tricia M. Booking photo Tricia M. entered the Harris County Drug Court in 2012, and upon first glance, she appeared near death. With sunken cheeks and bulging eyes, her long-term drug addiction made her look like a long-lost prisoner of war. In fact, for thirty years Tricia had been a prisoner to her meth and cocaine addiction, leaving her hopeless and unable to fight her addiction on her own.  

After being abandoned by her father at a young age, Tricia was introduced to drugs by her older brother. During the next three decades, she supported her growing drug habit by selling herself at truck stops and street corners, believing that she deserved to be assaulted, abused, and denigrated by men. At one point she married and had two beautiful sons, who she later abandoned in order to continue her addiction.

A Triumphiant Tricia After her last arrest, she made a momentous decision to seek a lasting, life-transforming change through the STAR Program. Tricia accepted the help of a supportive Judge and treatment team, as well as residential treatment, mental health counseling, and specialized trauma counseling. With amazing courage and tenacity, Tricia has turned a life of despair into a life of joy, with an infectious smile and magnificent dimples replacing her hollowed-out cheeks and defeated demeanor.

Tricia speaking at luncheon Tricia is a successful graduate of STAR Drug Court Program and is fervently committed to volunteering for the Narcotics Anonymous hotline to offer support to addicts in need of help and encouragement. She has also worked to repair and restore her relationship with her sons, and has found a loving relationship with a man who has helped her see that she can be treated like a lady without having to give a part of herself in return.