Nicholas C booking photo Today I am a grateful and recovering alcoholic and drug addict, but my story starts much earlier, when I was stuck in a vicious cycle of addiction, self-loathing, and misery. Growing up, there was little hope of a happy and successful life ahead, so alcohol and drugs were my escape from a life in a state of crisis and a bleak future. I was incredibly maladjusted to life and lived in full flight from reality, never accepting life on its terms but instead trying to rewrite the script based on my own wants and desires. 

Nick The opportunity I received to participate in the STAR Drug Court was the beginning of a fresh new chapter of my life, one that started with specialized drug treatment geared towards repairing and restoring my life. With the help of intensive therapy and counseling, I began a journey of self-actualization and true transformative life change. 

Realizing the full scope of addiction was one of the hardest and most defining battles in my life. Equipped with a new understanding of alcoholism and addiction, I have come to believe that drugs and alcohol were a symptom of the character defects that ultimately drove me to the point of desperation. From there, I began working on the very base of my identity, soul searching and rebuilding a relationship with God, and reestablishing the relationship I have with my beautiful family.

Nicholas C and his daughter I’ve discovered that through a stable relationship with God I can be a generous, kind, and selfless individual, allowing vulnerability and compassion to fill the vacancies of my life. This has been the best gift I have ever been given.

I am forever grateful to Alcoholics Anonymous as well as the STAR Drug Court for giving me the opportunity to grow and become an outstanding member of my community. I hope one day to achieve my dream of opening a sober community, where I can apply the lessons I have learned and continually give back to a community who has loved me back into the man God intended me to be.