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At the Harris County Drug Court Foundation, we rejoice each time we get to share the success stories of our STAR Program graduates. We witness participants break free from years and even decades of crippling addiction, reunite with family and loved ones, reach educational and career goals, and begin the journey of complete life transformation. We celebrate these remarkable individuals, and the life-changing work of the Harris County Drug Court Foundation, through their success stories below.

06 Jun 2016

Tricia M.

Tricia M. entered the Harris County Drug Court in 2012, and upon first glance, she appeared near death. With sunken cheeks and bulging eyes, her long-term drug addiction made her look like a long-lost prisoner of war. In fact, for thirty years Tricia had been a prisoner to her meth and cocaine addiction, leaving her hopeless and unable to fight her addiction on her own.

After being abandoned by her father at a young age, Tricia was introduced to drugs by her older brother. During the next three decades, she supported her growing drug habit by selling herself at truck stops and

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06 Jun 2016

Randy S.

Randy S. considers his life before entering the STAR Court as barely a life. When he was arrested in 2013, he was an unemployed, homeless IV meth user who had lost all hope. During his STAR Court hearing, Randy was asked if he had a drug problem and wanted help to treat his addiction. Realizing he had never been asked those questions before that day, he was brought to tears. Rather than receive a lengthy jail sentence for the charges against him, Randy was stunned to learn he would be placed on deferred adjudication and would be able to participate in a drug rehabilitation program.

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06 Jun 2016

Nicholas C.

Today I am a grateful and recovering alcoholic and drug addict, but my story starts much earlier, when I was stuck in a vicious cycle of addiction, self-loathing, and misery. Growing up, there was little hope of a happy and successful life ahead, so alcohol and drugs were my escape from a life in a state of crisis and a bleak future. I was incredibly maladjusted to life and lived in full flight from reality, never accepting life on its terms but instead trying to rewrite the script based on my own wants and desires.

The opportunity I received to participate in the STAR Drug Court

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06 Jun 2016

Jessica R.

Jessica R., a graduate of the STAR Program, is honored to share her recovery story with others in the hope it may help someone still struggling with addiction and the trauma that often accompanies addiction. Jessica is a trans-woman, and a truly grateful recovering drug addict. Before entering the STAR Drug Court Program, she had been addicted to drugs for nearly 25 years. This crippling drug addiction eventually led Jessica into a life of prostitution and began a constant cycle in and out of the criminal justice system. At her lowest point, Jessica truly believed that she

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