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Nicole L, Natasha W, Traci M, Mary Covington & Randy S.

Education is one of the most important gateways to life-long success and financial stability, but many individuals never get an opportunity to pursue higher education because of a lack of support and limited resources. This is especially true for people who have been caught in the destructive cycle of drug addiction, which can turn college into an impossible dream.

The Harris County Drug Court Foundation believes that everyone should have the opportunity and resources to attend college and pursue academic success, especially those that have successfully overcome drug addiction and destructive life habits. The HCDCF is pleased to offer a scholarship specifically for graduates of the STAR Program who desire to reach new heights through higher education. The goal of the HCDCF is to see STAR Program graduates achieve academic success and become America’s next generation of future leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

If you are a graduate of the STAR Program and would like to apply for a scholarship, please complete the application below and submit it to the HCDCF offices.


Tralaqualina H and Board chair Deborah Keyser

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