08 Aug 2017

How STAR Empowers Participants Through Trauma Therapy

Posted by HCDF Staff

Successfully breaking free from the cycle of addiction can be a daunting and life-long struggle, especially without the tools or resources needed to making a lasting life change. The STAR Drug Court Program strives to equip defendants with the necessary tools to ensure they can maintain sobriety and achieve freedom from their addictive habits. One of the most important resources the STAR Program offers participants is access to trauma therapy to help them in their recovery process.

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24 Jul 2017

An Interview with Mary Covington

Posted by HCDF Staff

One of the best strengths of the STAR Drug Court Program is the team of men and women who give their time, energy, effort, and passion towards helping individuals achieve freedom from addiction. In order to help promote the STAR Program in our local communities and across the country, we want the public to know more about the men and women who serve in critical roles throughout the STAR Drug Court and Harris County Drug Court Foundation. Today’s interview is with Program Director Mary Covington.

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10 Jul 2017

Why Drug Offenders Need Support More Than Jail

Posted by HCDF Staff

When it comes to drug offenders, some in our country believe that the best place for them is a jail cell. While jail might seem like the only place to keep them away from drugs, serving time in jail does nothing to actually help the offender conquer their addiction, and may end up reinforcing unhealthy and dangerous life choices. In today’s blog post, we look at a few reasons why non-violent drug offenders need more community support instead of simply a long stretch of time in a jail cell. 

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26 Jun 2017

New Kids On The Block

Posted by Mary Covington

Veteran Jurist and avid STAR Drug Court Supporter Judge Maria T. Jackson of the 339th Criminal District Court has volunteered to step into the STAR Court Family and preside over the Wednesday docket. She has been familiar with how STAR Court works and has referred many clients to our program.

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