18 Oct 2017

Four Ways Local Communities Can Support The STAR Program

Posted by HCDF Staff

Local, state, and federal court systems across the country are inundated with cases of individuals charged with drug-related offenses, but jail time has long been the only option for defendants battling addictions.  Recognizing the need to help defendants in drug court successfully battle their dependency issues, in 2003 the Harris County Drug Court Foundation developed the STAR Drug Court Program, which stands for Success Through Addiction Recovery.

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07 Oct 2017

An Interview With John Brewer

Posted by HCDF Staff

What is your official role with STAR?


How long have you worked with the STAR Program and what brought you here?

It has been almost 2 years I believe. I joined the team after my predecessor left our office. The Judge asked if I would be interested and I was, so I volunteered.

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21 Sep 2017

The Importance Of Inclusive Drug Treatment

Posted by HCDF Staff

While addiction can impact people of all ethnicities, nationalities, income levels, and backgrounds, it can be a struggle for some to gain access to effective drug treatment, specifically those in the LGBTQ+ community. Inclusive drug treatment is a hallmark of the STAR Drug Court program, as it offers life-giving help across a wider spectrum of individuals struggling with addiction.  To understand the benefits of inclusive drug treatment for LGBTQ+ addicts, we must first understand the barriers they face in trying to recover from their addictions.

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22 Aug 2017

An Interview with Deborah Keyser

Posted by HCDF Staff

What is your official role with STAR?

I am a defense attorney on a STAR docket, and I am Chair of the Harris County Drug Court Foundation.

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